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10 years Hörmann HT (Hörmann-Tuning) Buggy, 10 years of development, 10 years of hobby enthusiasm. From the beginning, the philosophy of a robust race-model car in scale 1:6 was created for off-road area. To date, this path was not abandoned. The many victories, championships and the international success speaks to the success of the HT series.

To mark the 10th anniversary, a special model of the usual high quality of the legs put on. As a striking symbol of this anniversary is the base plate an engraved inscription marked with.

The base is made of duralumin 7075, which is an aluminum alloy which has a particularly high strength.
The parts and their materials in detail:
Aluminium Parts: Steel Parts: Plastic Parts: Optional Tuning:
◊ angled chassis plate
◊ axle supports
◊ control arms
◊ steering stub axles
◊ shock absorber bridge
◊ shock absorbers (hot anodised)
◊ stop pins
◊ servosaver bottom section
◊ connecting piece for A + B axle support
◊ load washer for plastic gear
◊ engine flange
◊ gearbox flange
◊ engine braking plate
◊ differential housing
◊ differential side panels
◊ rear underframe
◊ stainless steel suspension pins
◊ steel ball for steering linkage
◊ tie rods
◊ tempered gears
◊ clutch bell
◊ stainless steel exhaust manifold
◊ stainless steel muffler
◊ drive shafts
◊ ball drive
◊ full floating axle for ball drive
◊ steel wheel drivers
◊ spoiler made from special plastic
◊ spoiler holder side panels
◊ front ram bumper
◊ side bowl
◊ servosaver bottom section
◊ plastic steering joints
◊ main gear made from delrin
◊ fuel tank
◊ protective collars for the ball drive
◊ receiver box
◊ rims
◊ accumulator retaining plate
◊ carbon fibre servo plate
◊ carbon fibre bracing for bottom plate
◊ hydraulic brakes front / rear axle
◊ carbon fibre disc brakes
◊ spoiler fastening for rubber spoiler
◊ steel wheel drivers 9.5mm with pins
◊ tie rod retainer
◊ retainer for personal transponder
◊ motor quick hitches
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